Progress…Or NOT :S

8 Jun

Okay, so this is my second post, and well let’s face it, i took a while to create this…

The reason is, my last post said that I would use this blog for motivation and i “claimed” that I would start a 7-day raw challenge.

The real reason behind this was to kick start my weight loss, and I was hoping that by creating this blog, I would have the motivation to do so.

But I soon learned that it doesn’t work like that. I have been struggling with my weight loss for a while now. I was only 10 lbs away from my goal weight about 2.5 months ago, and then I fell off the wagon.

I have recentently gained 20 lbs since then. Yep, that’s right, 20 lbs in 2.5 months. How did I do that? Well, that’s easy…food…lots and lots of food.

I just feel so discouraged now, and everytime I try to make healthier choices, I just end up bingeing at night. It’s like body over mind…not mind over body.

So i’m in a bad place right now. I have no motivaton, and I am searching to find it every day. If anyone is reading this right now, please feel free to leave some tips. My prom is in 2.5 weeks. I know there is no drastic weight loss solution, but I just want to feel confident again, and aim to lose at least 3-5 lbs.

Sorry that this post is sort of a “downer” but its the truth. And i figured that if I don’t start admitting my challenges now, I’ll never be able to meet my goals.

xoxo Britt


Here We Go!

2 Jun

Hello there!….that is if there is anyone reading this.

I am so nervous. This is my first blog ever. I have been meaning to start a blog for so long now, and am an advocate admirer of many blogs myself.

So here’s a brief synopsis of myself..

I must say I can be quite the boring person. My name is Brittany and I will soon be attending University for biomed. How that goes…I do not know.

That’s it…see…boring right?


I guess I should tell you the main reason why I wanted to create a blog. At first it just looked like something fun to do. I loved reading blogs about healthy eating, do it yourself, and just any blog about daily life. But when I went to create a blog…the truth is…I got scared. What would I write about? Who would read it? What would happen?

I’ve come to the point now, that this blog is really just for MYSELF. No one else. It is a place I am going to use to motivate myself for all the things i’ve been “meaning” to do but just havn’t got around to. So if no one ever reads this, it’s fine. Becuase the truth is, in the back of my mind, the whole world is reading it 😉

Now the question is: what is this blog going to be about??

That question has not been answered. Summer is approaching and I am one of those people who makes a huge list of things to do but hardly ever accomplishes even just one task. Hopefully, this blog will motivate me to complete at least TWO things! But for now, this blog is going to help me become a better person for others and myself.

First challenge (and the reason i started this blog TODAY) is that I am going on a 7-Day Raw Challenge to better improve my health and hopefully overall physical activity! WISH ME LUCK!